The POND collection features a range of glass tables rooted in geometric abstraction and the designer’s minimalist ideal. POND takes inspiration from modernist architecture and the minimalist mantra “less is more.” 

POND is characterized by simplicity and constructed as an architectural balancing act. The silhouettes of simple geometric shapes evoke graphic effects where translucent, shaded layers add depth to the visage.

The POND collection was named thinking of reflections in the surface of a pond and the lives reflected in the furniture’s glossy glass. The feature gives the pieces interesting angles and contemporary cuts.

POND is inspired by layered reflections
in the surface of a pond.

POND is manufactured in Northern Europe by skilled craftsmen with a passion for furniture-making and detailing. Joints are tightly sealed by hand using UV-resistant glue — a time-consuming process that requires experience and finesse.

Tables are available in three translucent colours — CLEAR, GREY SMOKE, and BRONZE. The intensity of the colours appears to change because of the layering which imparts a sense of the modern and the material.

The collection suits many spaces and fits well in both public and residential contexts. The pieces are appropriate for a range of building architectures whether historic, mid-century or contemporary.  POND was created to be displayed either as a stand-alone or in a set.