Boxer is inspired by the speed bags that boxers use, which bounce back and forth and are re-balanced by their weight, which never fall but always spring back again and again…

BOXER COLLECTION is a new series of exclusive LED luminaires from Friends & Founders. The design of Boxer takes the themes of strength and  fragility as a graphic interpretation and geometric abstraction of the classic boxing punch ball, or the speed bag. 

The mouth blown opal glass whose naked sphere
casts an even, pleasant flow of light over the surroundings
giving them an air of sophistication

The luminaire is balanced by its own weight and the materials provide contrast and opposition. The marble’s solid strength and raw finish contrast with the fragility and lightness of the reflected glass. ”The materials have contrasting characteristics but together create something new from that opposition,” the designer Ida L. Hildebrand explains.

The durable NIGHT BLACK satin finish perfectly complements the white glossy opal glass whose naked sphere casts a pleasant and even flow of light and gives its surroundings an air of sophistication. The lavish details provide an exclusive luminaire that, with an adjustable dimmer, helps to create a perfect atmosphere in most environments. This functional LED lighting collection is suitable for both contract and residential interiors.