13 MAY – 27 JUNE / MADRID FRIENDS FOUNDERS join the exhibition CASA DECOR / DANISH DESIGN+ in Madrid 2021. The danish space is curated by Erico Navazo Estudio and showcase designs from a strong selection of danish brands, framed by the unique architecture of THE HOUSE OF TOMÁS ALLENDE. Exhibitors / FRIENDS & FOUNDERS […]

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16 – 18 SEPTEMBER / COPENHAGEN During 3daysofdesign – FRIENDS FOUNDERS will showcase the exhibition “ A TRIBUTE TO MODERNISM”, curated by designer and architect Ida L. Hildebrand. The exhibition present a collection of modern classics and novelties founded in the simplicity of minimalism and geometric abstraction, designs which parallels the BAUHAUS movement´s functionalist ideologies. […]

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 FURNITURE OF THE YEAR WE PROUDLY ANNOUNCE THAT THE NOVEL CHAIR WAS NOMINATED ”FURNITURE OF THE YEAR 2020” AT THE SWEDISH DESIGN AWARDS BY RUM. The jury was composed of a renowned gathering, including designers & architects within the field. Special thanks to Eero Koivisto / Claesson Koivisto Rune and Josefin Udén / Editor in […]

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