SAW marble

The SAW COLLECTION pays homage to the use of natural materials in NORDIC CRAFT. The idea behind SAW was to simplify and ease designs that use solid top pieces made from heavy materials like wood or marble. SAW effects a light design that enhance the shapes of the top material and appear to float on their minimal supports.

A thin V-frame construction, which is based on a refined console design, achieves strength and stability while keeping a light, clean expression. This sturdy frame construction allows for longer table tops without using reinforcements.

SAW achieves strength and stability while keeping a light, clean expression with emphasis on the raw material

The table top is made from a solid marble piece, which is rounded to effect sophistication and allure. The top is honed to a satin finish. Because our marble is untreated and honed it leaves an exquisitely silky feel.

Friends & Founders’ marble selection are sourced from Europe where the tradition of marble craft is strong. At the time of manufacture each slab is carefully selected. Each marble in the selection has its own characteristic, some with complex streaking and others with more homogenous patterns. 

Friends & Founders’ marble pieces have a silky, matte finish which helps enhance the underlying patterns of the raw stone. Because the raw material comes from nature, inconsistencies in markings are typical and often desirable because of their uniqueness. While all marble can gradually wear or become dis-coloured, with proper treatment and maintenance marble looks stunning for years and grows an even, warm patina.