The MIRÓ MIRÓ collection offers elegant mirrors with a small table for your favourite artefacts – a candle, flower, or sculpture..  And what you display is reflected in the mirror glass.

The minimalist collection is a tribute to the artist Joan Miró, and is characterized by stylistic, architectural simplification. The mirror and integrated table are designed with a graphic simplicity. The functional and the aesthetic are united in a minimalistic and contemporary expression. The table hovers on an axis around the centre of attention much like Miró’s geometric mobile installations.

The minimalist mirror collection is a tribute
to artist Joan Miró, and is characterized by
stylistic, architectural simplification

To distinguish its appearance the mirror glass is available in a clear glass version or shaded with a warm bronze or a sophisticated grey-smoke tint. The mirror’s visible edges reinforce the purity of the design and intensify an impression of the materiality of the glass. The mirror is slightly spaced from the wall creating an elegant shadow in between.

Mirrors are available in a variety of sizes and different shapes. The oval versions have been designed so they may be mounted both horizontally and vertically. The detachable table is available in a standard black or in brass for the clear-glass mirror versions.

MIRÓ MIRÓ fills many roles in a number of applications both for home or contractual interiors.  The mirrors frequently adorn bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways. But they suit any space where you can imagine spicing things up with a little extra reflection.