The ARC collection of minimalist wall mirrors is a tribute to architecture characterized by geometric simplification and grace. The elegantly shaped pieces are inspired by the iconic archways from classical architecture.

To distinguish its appearance the mirror glass is available in a classic clear glass version or shaded with a sophisticated grey-smoke tint. The mirror’s visible edges reinforce the purity of the design and intensify an impression of the materiality of the glass. The mirror is slightly spaced from the wall creating an elegant shadow in between.

Mirrors are available in two sizes. A small version suits most homes and interior spaces. The large version requires a more generous space. 

ARC is suitable for most interior contexts. The pieces are appropriate for a range of building architectures whether historic, mid-century or contemporary.  The mirrors may adorn bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, or any space that you can imagine spicing up with a little extra reflection. ARC  can  be displayed either as a stand-alone or in a set. 

ARC displays graphic simplicity and emphasizes the essentials. 
The functional meets the aesthetic in a minimalist and
contemporary expression.