SAW rounded

Characterized by a floating design, a new collection of useful and graceful tables came to life from an interpretation of the traditional craft of wood. The idea was to simplify and ease designs that use solid top pieces made from heavy materials like wood or marble. SAW effects a light design that enhance the shapes of the top material and appear to float on their minimal supports.

A thin V-frame construction, which is based on a refined console design, achieves strength and stability while keeping a light, clean expression. This sturdy frame construction allows for longer table tops without using reinforcements.

The rounded table top is made from wood and veneer, and its monochrome character adds to its sophistication. Sourced from FSC-certified forests, boards are finely detailed for the SAW table and show off a particularly beautiful grain. In the finished product they provide a silky, warm feel. Friends & Founders’ surface treatments maintain the natural beauty and feel of the raw material while ensuring its durability.

The SAW collection features DINING and DESK tables in a variety of finishes and materials.  The pieces in this contemporary collection suit  several interior contexts and can play central roles in both home and work environments. 

SAW have been tested and meet the highest European standards for strength, durability and stability. SAW’s versatility means the tables can adorn residential spaces as well as public areas with high demands on use. SAW offers a good example of how clever design adds value to a product without compromising on ambitious design or detailing.